Introduction to GH WindFarmer - November 05, 2010
Descripción del curso

Gives beginners a basic understanding of the software; its functionality, main calculation abilities, and usability. This is achieved through a day of hands-on guided use of the software, incorporating example cases. It builds on the Wind Farm Design course the day before, taking the methodologies discussed and applying them. It can also stand alone as a day of training introducing the user to GH WindFarmer. (One day).

At the end of the day you will be able to:

•Clean, plot, and correlate wind data to produce frequency distribution and wind roses for site and long-term data
•Design a wind farm and maximise the energy yield
•Take into account noise and visual constraints
•Export your results and generate reports
•Areas of GH WindFarmer covered in this course:
•MCP+ Module
•Use of measured wind data, Measure Correlate Predict
•Base Module
•Energy calculation
•Turbine representation
•Noise modelling
•Report generation
•Visualisation Module
•Basic visualisation and animation
•ZVI - Zones of visual influence


Please bring a laptop computer for the course. At the start of the day we will show you how to install GH WindFarmer.

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Duración:  1 Día(s)
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Costo:  CAD$650
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Garrad Hassan
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Training Manager
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Nombre para contacto:  Andrew Brown
Training Manager
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