RD201 Renewable Energy for the Developing World - Hands On
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Learn about renewable energy technologies for the developing world in the developing world! This Solar Energy International workshop provides an introduction to all the major renewable energy technologies, with a focus on designing and installing small, rural systems. We'll get our hands dirty -- the majority of the workshop is hands-on field work, and it also includes classroom sessions and labs. This is an experiential program, with a non-technical, overview focus. Come and learn by doing, sharing, and experiencing on projects for the developing world in the developing world.

Course fee includes food, shared lodging, and all in-country travel.

Solar Energy International's Renewable Energy for the Developing World-Hands-On (REDWHO) workshop combines classroom sessions with a strong emphasis on real-world projects in the community along with hands-on labs. You will have the opportunity to understand, design, and install systems that can dramatically improve the living conditions of the local people.

For millions of people around the world, renewable energy can replace dirty, expensive, and inconvenient energy. For those in the developing world, it may provide the first electric lights a family has seen, replacing darkness at sunset with the opportunity to read, study, or recreate after a day of work. This hands-on workshop teaches volunteers how to ensure quality renewable energy assistance to the people who are most in need.

In the classroom portion, students will gain a basic understanding of all the major renewable energy system types, including solar-electricity, micro-hydro electricity, and wind-electricity, solar cooking, solar hot water, and methane biogas digesters in developing world applications. Participants will learn the components, applications, and limitations for each system type, and will be able to analyze a site and make suggestions on the most appropriate renewable energy technologies.

Participants will join with Sol Verde, a women's solar cooking cooperative from Guanacaste Costa Rica, to build and use solar cookers. Participants will also help install a small solar-electric system or hot water system, and will work together with a Sustainable Harvest Honduras to build a methane biogas digester. These hands-on installations give participants the opportunity to interact with local members of the community and experience both the challenges and satisfaction of working within the developing world.

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Additional Information :  March 12-21, 2011
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Solar Energy International (SEI)
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Fundacion Durika
Costa Rica
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