What is the North American Marine Protected Areas Network?

The North American Marine Protected Areas Network (NAMPAN) represents a trinational network of resource agencies, marine protected areas (MPA) managers, and other relevant experts, and is intended to enhance and strengthen the conservation of biodiversity in critical marine habitats and help foster a comprehensive network of MPAs in North America. NAMPAN is a network of both important marine places and the institutions and people connected with those places.

Marine Ecoregions

Marine ecoregions are areas of general similarity in terms of physiographic, oceanographic and biological characteristics, which fall within the Exclusive Economic Zones of the North American...

Priority Conservation Areas

Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs) are areas of trinational importance due to their ecological significance, threatened nature and opportunities for conservation.

Species of Concern

Marine Species of Common Conservation Concern (MSCCC) are species that have been identified as important migratory, transboundary and/or endemic species for trinational conservation actions.

Condition Reports

MPA Condition Reports are an easy yet powerful tool for MPA managers to share evidence-based ecological information about water, habitat and living resources. The reports are based on scorecards that...